Mendota Health is addressing the tremendous need for wound care in this country through a national mobile clinic and providing advanced treatments in the patient’s home setting.

Our nurse practitioners deliver Expert Care.

As a mobile wound care clinic, we provide greater access to the care patients need by treating them in the comfort of their own home settings and eliminating the need for transportation.

Our providers are all nurse practitioners specializing in advanced wound care, including point-of-care treatment decision-making, wound debridement, and advanced biologics. We create personalized care plans informed by the patient’s environment and goals for recovery.

We specialize in treating:

  • Chronic wounds
  • Stalled wounds
  • Advanced/hard-to-treat wounds

We give patients the best of both worlds – expert wound care in the comfort of their own homes.

Mendota Health. It’s like having a specialized wound care clinic right in your living room.

who we are at mendota health is provide advanced wound care on-site

Over 7 million people in the United States alone suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds. If you’re one of them or know someone who is, we can help.

“Mendota Health has been a great mobile wound care option for our patients! They provide the advanced wound care treatments in our patient’s homes eliminating the need to travel to a wound clinic. The providers have been great to work with and they are quick to respond. We are very pleased with our partnership with Mendota Health!” 


Aimee Hager RN, Executive Director CenterWell Home Health 

who we are at mendota health is provide advanced wound care on-site
who we are at mendota health is provide advanced wound care on-site

Non-healing wounds have underlying, complex conditions that keep them from healing, and require specialized care to heal. Unfortunately, when one of these wounds goes untreated or undertreated, the greater the risk becomes for infection, amputation, and other problems.


At Mendota Health, we have the advanced training necessary to understand a non-healing wound and prescribe the best course of treatment.


That’s because caring for wounds is what we do – all we do – every day. We are experts in wound healing and specialize in compassionate delivery.


Because at Mendota Health, we deliver more than expert wound care – we deliver hope.