Leaders in mobile advanced wound care.

Mendota Health is a leading provider of mobile advanced wound care powered by the knowledge and expertise of specialized advanced practice providers. We provide a robust wound management and treatment program in long-term care facilities and the home setting.

In long-term care & skilled nursing facilities, our providers manage the wound program, perform treatments on-site, provide documentation in a timely manner and in a form to meet the requirements of surveys, and can follow patients home.

In the home setting, whether that is a private residence or assisted living facility, we focus on largest, most stubborn, and difficult to heal chronic wounds. We use advanced treatments to generate positive wound progression and provide a wound management program for other clinicians and caregivers to follow.

Mendota Health helps us deliver the right care, at the right time. We have patients that have challenges keeping their wound care clinic appointments due to their homebound status, and
Mendota Health is such a huge help!

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