Delivering Wound Care
in Long-Term and Skilled Nursing Facilities

At Mendota Health we are dedicated to providing exceptional wound care services to long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Our expertise and specialized approach ensure that residents receive the highest quality of care, promoting faster healing and better outcomes.

Our Expertise

Our providers deliver a comprehensive wound care program which prevents chronic wounds, improves patient outcomes, treats wounds, and provides your facility with quality assurance and performance monitoring.

Praised for our communication, we work closely with your staff and facility to ensure all wound care plans and treatments are communicated fully and promptly.

We utilize on-site wound care treatments such as debridement, skin substitutes, and other therapies.

Our services are provided at no cost to your facility

Benefits for LTC and SNFs

Partnering with Mendota Health offers numerous advantages for your facility:

Mendota Health has been a great partner for us at the Ignite Medical Resort, Dyer Indiana facility. They have been very consistent and provide excellent hands-on care to our guests with wounds, this has helped us reduce the need for additional clinical staff.

Communication is particularly important, and they are a part of our team. We appreciate our partnership with Mendota Health.

Our Services

Our tailored wound care services for LTC and SNFs include: