Picture of Sarah Shepler


Sarah Shepler DNP, AGNP-C, is a Regional Director of Clinical Management for Mendota Health. Sarah has nearly two decades of experience in healthcare and began her career in 2006 as a nursing assistant. Initially aspiring to be a sports medicine doctor, she quickly discovered a deep passion for bedside care, leading her to pursue a career in nursing. Her dedication to patient care, particularly in cardiovascular medicine, has been a defining aspect of her professional journey. 

A Passion for Cardiovascular and Wound Care

Her interest in cardiovascular medicine led her to pursue becoming a nurse practitioner and she eventually joined a team specializing in critical limb ischemia and amputation prevention. Although initially hesitant about the wound care aspect, Sarah quickly developed a passion for helping patients avoid unnecessary amputations by providing alternative treatments. 

“I realized the importance of preventing amputations after hearing countless stories from patients who felt they had no other options. It’s incredibly rewarding to help patients keep their mobility and improve their quality of life”. 

Leadership and Vision

With a wealth of experience in leadership roles, including serving as a clinical supervisor and director of clinical operations for a vascular clinic, Sarah has a commitment to empowering clinical teams.  

“My leadership style focuses on providing tools and resources for success while encouraging autonomy. I believe in listening to team members and collaborating to enhance processes and patient care”. 

I believe mobile wound care is the future of healthcare.

Looking ahead

Sarah is focused on raising awareness about Mendota Health and establishing a strong reputation for our practice in order to deliver world class care to wherever a patient is. And she sees an opportunity to expand vascular education and outreach. 

“I’m actually very optimistic and excited about the opportunity for more vascular education and outreach. I believe mobile wound care is the future of healthcare. It addresses significant barriers for patients, such as transportation issues, and ensures they receive the necessary care in their homes. This approach is game-changing and aligns perfectly with our mission at Mendota Health”.