Handheld device used for treating wounds

UltraMIST: A Great Tool for Mobile Wound Care

The shift to provide advanced wound treatments in the home has offered patients who have struggled with healing their wounds through traditional means an opportunity for a new lease on life.

Advanced treatments to heal complex or chronic wounds traditionally have only been available through a brick-and-mortar clinic. This wound care is sometimes not accessible because of transportation issues or it is disrupted because a patient is sick or a provider is unavailable. Studies show that patients with complex wounds have better outcomes when they are seen on a frequent basis. Because we bring wound care to the patients, missed appointments are practically nonexistent and the frequency of care is not disrupted. Patients are receiving provider-level care and expertise within the comfort of their home.

Of course, bringing wound care into the home comes with some of its own challenges. Providers need to be able to use cutting-edge technology and treatments in the home setting. Fortunately, there are many companies and entrepreneurs creating wound healing tools and treatments that are ideal for mobile wound care. One of those tools in UltraMIST.

UltraMIST In All Markets

Mendota Health, as a national provider of mobile advanced wound care, identified UltraMIST therapy as a critical resource for providers treating complex and chronic wounds in the patient’s home. We are now supplying UltraMIST machines to each of our markets. We are proud to provide this tremendous treatment to help heal the wounds of our patients.

Statistics showing the efficacy of UltraMIST

How does Ultramist work?

UltraMIST operates on the principle of acoustic wave and mist therapy, a non-invasive technique that utilizes a targeted application of therapeutic mist to accelerate the healing of wounds. The technology generates a fine mist of saline solution containing active elements such as hypochlorous acid, which facilitates wound healing. This mist is then applied directly to the affected area, promoting cellular regeneration and enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

By creating an optimal moisture balance and maintaining a sterile environment, UltraMIST fosters an ideal setting for the proliferation of healthy tissue. Furthermore, the mist penetrates the wound bed, removing bacteria and biofilm, and stimulating angiogenesis and granulation, thus expediting the healing process.

does ultramist work?

MIST Therapy has been investigated in a variety of Level I-III Clinical Studies including three meta-analysis, eight randomized controlled trials, three prospective, four retrospective, and four observational studies.

In the meta-analysis using only MIST Therapy ultrasound clinical data, eight peer-reviewed studies with consistent designs for treatment and control wound groups were pooled to review the effects of MIST Therapy on healing time, wound size, volume, and pain. The study concluded that “MIST Therapy demonstrates remarkable consistency of reduction in wound area, volume, pain and healing times across a wide range of wounds.”

what is the purpose of mist therapy?

Mist therapy serves as a pivotal intervention in the field of wound care, offering a multifaceted approach to healing that addresses various types of wounds, including chronic, acute, and hard-to-heal wounds. The primary purpose of mist therapy is to promote wound healing by stimulating cell proliferation, reducing bacterial load, and enhancing tissue oxygenation.

Moreover, mist therapy aids in minimizing pain, inflammation, and the risk of infection, thereby enhancing patient comfort and preventing potential complications associated with delayed wound healing. By creating an optimal microenvironment conducive to tissue regeneration, mist therapy significantly contributes to the overall improvement of wound healing outcomes.


UltraMIST, through its utilization of acoustic wave and mist therapy, represents a significant advancement in the domain of wound care, offering a comprehensive and effective solution for accelerating the healing process of various types of wounds. With its ability to create an ideal microenvironment conducive to tissue regeneration and the removal of pathogens, UltraMIST stands as a beacon of hope for patients and healthcare providers alike, paving the way for improved wound healing outcomes and enhanced patient well-being. Mendota Health is proud to deliver this scientifically proven treatment to our markets across the United States.